Specific personal information Basic policy on proper handling

Protection of personal information
Our daily mission is to provide products and service that customers can use with peace of mind. One of our social responsibilities is to protect your privacy and personal information (after this referred to as personal information). To respond to customer trust and use it with peace of mind, we will establish this Basic Policy based on the laws and regulations as follows and strive to manage and protect specific personal information appropriately.
Implementation of safety measures for personal information
To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we will implement safety measures including information security measures to ensure the prevention of unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information. If it is determined that security measures for personal data need to be corrected due to the case of a security incident in the market, the results of internal audits within our company, or requests from customers, this will be promptly improved.
We may use such information in the following ways
When we collect personal information from customers, we collect that personal information only to provide or introduce products or services to our customers and information that we think would be useful to our customers. I will do it. Besides, when we use personal information, we will use it only to the extent that the customer has agreed to, except when using it to provide information about our services and products. * Please note that if you do not provide some personal information, you may not be able to use the service.
Provision of personal information and deposit
The personal information we collect from customers will not be provided or deposited with third parties except in the case of customer consent or legal requests. However, this does not apply to disclosure to the extent necessary for the outsourcing contractor to perform the business services desired by the customer. * Consignment means, for example, delivery of goods.
Compliance with laws and regulations
To ensure the protection of personal information, we will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, personal information related laws, and industry guidelines.
What is your personal information
“Information that can recognize customers.” The name, gender, date of birth, age, phone number, email address, address, business location, delivery address, order information, payment method (credit card number, (Bank account, etc.) means data that can identify customers individually from one or more combinations of information such as opinions.
Use of personal information Use of personal information
We do not provide or deposit personal information that we have entrusted to third parties except in the following cases.

  • When there is customer's consent.
  • When disclosure of personal information is required due to legal orders.
  • When consigning work to an external contractor who has signed a confidentiality agreement in advance for a campaign or sweepstakes application.
  • When it is deemed appropriate to respond to complaints, complaints, etc. from our legal counsel.
  • When presenting necessary information to financial institutions, such as credit card payment, for payment of goods and services.
  • In case of business succession due to merger, company split, business transfer, or other reasons.
  • When it is deemed particularly necessary, such as when the user violates the terms of our site.
About access log
We collect access logs to understand user usage trends, measure advertising effectiveness, and investigate unauthorized use. The information recorded in the access log includes the IP address, Web browser type, and domain name. Details on when and where you used our site are recorded on the WEB server as an access history, but this information is used for statistical and analytical purposes on our website, and in principle other than that It is not. However, it may be disclosed if there is a request for submission from a public judicial body (court, etc.) or a public administrative body (police, etc.) through procedures based on laws and regulations. In addition, access history may be checked if it is deemed necessary, such as when it is violated the terms of our site.
Updating Your Personal Information
If you wish to change your personal information, or if there is an error in your registration details, we will promptly change or correct it only if we can confirm that you are the customer.
Besides, if the customer wishes to disclose personal information, we will confirm the identity of the customer and inform them of the personal data stored.
* We will verify your identity by checking your name and phone number.
Disclaimer etc.
Each content on our site is posted with careful attention and confirmation at the time of creation, but the content provider and we are not responsible for its accuracy, equivalence, completeness, etc. Neither our company nor the content provider shall be liable for any damage caused by such information. Any information obtained from our site shall be used at the user’s discretion and responsibility, and we shall be responsible for the information on the site linked from our site or any problems arising from its contents. All responsibility is assumed by the linked administrator.

Cancellation policy.

If you cancel the reservation at your convenience after contract, the following cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation fee: 100% of the billed amount (full amount will be charged)
The decision of this cancellation will be determined by us.
In the unlikely event of unauthorized cancellation or failure to pay the cancellation fee, we will deal strictly with our legal counsel.
Scope of application
This privacy policy applies only to this site.