time to then

An older man who makes brown sugar at Mt Yaedake.
He grows from sugar cane for brown sugar and sells it during the Sakura Festival.
Without him and his family, ShabuMasa would not have been born.

Today is the first anniversary of the owner’s death of Yamagoya, an inn before the ShabuMasa was opened. The older man’s wife introduced me to the owner, and about a year and a half ago, I decided to open a restaurant here.

I miss her said, “some famous TV show featured Yamago-ya before”. However, she died about a half after my restaurant opened. I couldn’t give her anything back. While she was having a hard time thinking about herself, she was very worried about the restaurant and me. And now I am also grateful to her relatives on a daily.

To provide heartfelt hospitality.
Be unpretentious and do my best to do what I can.

I inherited from the aspiration of Yamago-ya to the atmosphere like the mountain lodge and the hospitality style. I think she is still worried about me as the shopkeeper, but I am sure he is laughing and watching over me.

Because of this time, the feeling that “I can’t do anything alone” permeates every corner of my body on the chest and belly, on the toes, and on the hands. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without my family, I wouldn’t be able to keep alive without the locals, and without the people who worked hard in the past, there would be nothing to support the present. Being independent does not mean that It’s not loneliness and something that can be done alone.

We borrow something from the people who are doing their best somewhere, and we also do it for someone. That kind of thing, that is what is called “society”.

While maintaining the individuality of one person, simultaneously connect with others and influence each other. No matter how I try, if I have no choice but to be influenced by others, I hope it was something that I thought was wonderful. I wish my influence on someone were more wonderful. I wish I could be myself like that. One day, when the time to death, I want to think that it was wonderful days from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to spend my time while emulating the seniors of a beautiful life and building friends who share the same feelings.