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Agu specialty

ShabuMasa is a “reservation-based Agu and Okinawan vegetables Shabu-Shabu specialty shop” located in Yanbaru, northern Okinawa. The japanese traditional methods and the blessings of the island are renewed every day to convey the charm of the local area and the okinawa island.


Features of ShabuMasa

Limited Agu

We want to be the restaurant of choice for people who know all about Okinawan cuisine. Among the so-called Agu, we are particular about the highest quality Ryukyu native species Agu.

Local / domestic ingredients

Only Japanese and natural ingredients are used, such as fresh okinawa island vegetables and AGU from Yanbaru. Every day, we provide the ingredients carefully selected with our own eyes in the best condition.


with all one's heart
A chef who has worked at famous restaurants such as Tokyo Nishi-Azabu and Kyoto Arashiyama, he is a food expert with creative experience.

Rustic charm

It's not a luxury, but a chef living in the countryside maximizes its appeal.

About Me

Cooking and tradition

ex. pottery support

ShabuMasa offers dishes using only Japanese ingredients, centering on local ingredients such as agu, island vegetables, and Okinawa fruits. Ponzu and sesame sauce are also handmade. While using traditional techniques such as ingredients seasoned with homemade fermented seasonings such as soy sauce koji, we carefully finish it with rich flavor so that you can enjoy the natural taste as it is.

After graduating from Hattori Nutrition College, I practiced cooking and confectionery, and in 2007 I moved to Okinawa because of my relatives. In Okinawa, we have supported the management of awamori brewers and companies that sell traditional foods as food creative specialists. Since 2011, he has been involved in climbing kilns and primitive hole kilns with potters. While learning "Okinawa's food and traditional techniques" through work with people involved in tradition, convey what you have learned both domestically and internationally. Before I knew it, I came to play such a role. It continues today.

Create, convey, and have fun.
I hope that my ordinary days will help spread the food culture of Okinawa and Japan to the world.

Masataka Arasaki