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Shabu Shabu

Okinawa’s unique rare Ryukyu native pork “Agu” is characterized by aromatic umami and sweet fat. Please enjoy the ingredients unique to Okinawa.

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こんばんは、新崎匡崇です。 いつも「しゃぶ匡」を気にかけてくださり、誠にありがとうございます。 本日は、大切なご報告がございます。 新レストラン「OkuMasa […]

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Dinner Memu

  • Agu Shabu Shabu course4500 yen

    • Today's appetizer
    • Special Agu Shabu Shabu
    • Assorted seasonal vegetables
    • Japanese traditional rice
    • Seasonal sorbet
    This is a standard course where you can enjoy the authentic Ryukyu native Agu shabu-shabu and seasonal island vegetables. We are particular about genuine agu, and handmade ponzu and sesame sauce to make use of the taste. Our course also available vegans, vegetarian meals.