Time to renew

Daily meals are essential to human life.
The meal is “good for people”, “living” itself.
I think it’s living and worthwhile life.

What you eat becomes your body.
Behavior at meals, how I spent my meals with people
It is own way of life, creating one own self.

The ingredients that the islanders have carefully and hard-cultivated
I will provide it in the simplest way possible in everyday life.
I live with the island and the people.
That kind of sensation that I feel with my whole body is the “joy of food” for me.

“Ah, happiness”
Every time I hear a spilling tweet
I’m happy I opened ShabuMasa.
Only when I hear that, I’m happy to feel that kind of time is being born here and now among these people.

It’s been almost two years since we opened the store, and we have caused many people to worry during the corona vortex. We are very sorry that we cannot respond to reservation requests too often. Above all, I was encouraged by the warm words and support, and I was able to continue ShabuMasa to this day.
I’m really grateful.

Also, by being involved in projects in various regions in addition to ShabuMasa, I feel that I am growing day by day.

“Compass” which started up in Motobu Town in July,
We were able to receive a great deal of favor and feedback from the local people.
This is simply the result of their efforts and passion. I’m a backseat player, but I’m proud of everyone.

We with the locals.
I keep thinking about what I can do every day.

Continuing startup support such as “Compass”,
In addition to “Shabu Masa”, to provide meals that are loved by everyone.
To support the person who wants to support.

First of all, start small.
We are planning to offer “handmade pasta” for lunch from November 12th for a limited time.
A completely new pasta that evolved from the popular handmade Okinawa soba.
I’m enjoying that development.