Shabu Shabu Course

  • Dinner Agu Shabu Shabu Course3,500 yen

    • Today's appetizer
    • Assorted Ryukyu native Agu pork
    • Assorted island vegetables
      (with uchina kamaboko and shima-tofu)
    • Okinawa soba
    • Seasonal sorbet
    This is a standard course where you can enjoy cuisine unique to Okinawa, such as Agu pork and fresh island vegetables from Yanbaru. Ponzu, sesame sauce and sorbet are also handmade. Please enjoy the taste that can only be eaten here at Yanbaru.

  • "Yanbaru no Sachi" Agu Shabu Shabu Course4,500 yen

    • Mozuku vinegar, Sea grape
    • Assorted Ryukyu native Agu pork
    • Assorted island vegetables
      (with uchina-kamaboko & shima-tofu)
    • Agu roast pork
    • Seasonal tempura
    • Ojiya(rice with egg)
    • Seasonal sorbet
    A course where you can eat the whole blessing of Yanbaru.The roast agu pork is an original menu that can only be eaten in ShabuMasa. * Tempura can be changed to sashimi. Please specify the changes when booking.

  • "Ryukyu Hinabe" Agu Shabu Shabu Course3,980 yen

    • Today's appetizer
    • Assorted Ryukyu native Agu pork
    • Assorted island vegetables
      (with uchina kamaboko and shima-tofu)
    • Ojiya(spicy rice with egg)
    • Seasonal sorbet
    A hot pot course centered on Okinawan natural herbs. (Hot & Spicy)

Additional menu

  • Agu selected Loin1200 yen
  • Agu selected Rib1100 yen
  • Japanese vegetables250円~

    Please order what you like in the course of the season.

  • Ojiya350 yen

    Egg and rice to finish the course.

  • Rice(with an earthen pot)500 yen

    One order is equivalent to two rice bowls. It is recommended that you place an order at the time of booking as preparations are required in advance.

  • Egg100 yen

    One raw egg

  • Hand drip coffee500 yen

    Freshly ground coffee Uses high-quality beans, but offers at an affordable price. It is recommended that you order as soon as possible before you finish eating.

  • Uji Matcha Green Tea400円

    A sweet green tea made from high quality matcha.

  • Seasonal sorbet400 yen

    Handmade sherbet. Refreshing, sweet and discreet, with a refreshing taste.

Advance reservation required menu

  • Roasted agu pork1500 yen

    A rare Agu, grown in a happy environment with limited production, is laid for 3 days in a homemade shoyu-kouji and then slowly cook. Therefore, it is finished in a beautiful rose color. *There is a limit to the number that can be provided per month.

  • Assorted sashimi1500 yen -

    fresh sashimi taken at Motobu fishing port etc. Available from 2 servings.

  • Assorted tempura1500 yen

    Tempura, such as island vegetables, for 2-3 people.

  • Yanbaru chicken steak1000 yen

    Local Yanbaru young chicken steak with bone, about 300g has a sense of volume. Choose from three types of seasoning: homemade shio-kouji, garlic teriyaki, Spicy.

  • Shabu Shabu course for Vegetarian3500 yen

    A shabu-shabu course for vegetarians is offered( for Vegan). Please make a reservation 3 days in advance.

  • Anniversary cake3500 yen -

    Anniversary, birthday. Fresh cream cake 3500 yen (2-4 servings) Various decoration cakes 3980 yen (4-6 servings)
    In general, advance reservations are required up to 3 days in advance.

  • Other dishes

    Only available for banquets and charters. Please talk about anything you want to eat or drink. We will respond as much as possible.


  • Aged treasured Ume-shu600 yen
  • Limited Yuzu-shu700 yen
  • Iejima Rum Gold900 yen
  • Japanese whiskey700 yen -
  • Non-alcoholic (Orion beer)400 yen
  • Beer700 yen
  • Awamori500 yen
  • Kuusu900 yen -
  • Japanese Sake900 yen -
  • Choice Imo-shochu700 yen -