liberty, capricious

Mountain people around the shop have increased Ryukyu Tukimisou in my garden.

It is commonly called Hiruzaki-tukimisou. Okinawa’s people call the flowers that color the wasteland of Okinawa in pale red plum color “Ryukyu Tukimisou” and love the flowers that bloom every year in this season. Hiruzaki-tukimisou is a kind of Oenothera stricta, so it is different from the original Evening primrose. Evening primrose blooms from evening to night, it is called a lazy maiden who sleeps until dusk. The pretty flower that resembles the Evening primrose is called “Yoi-machi-gusa” by Yumeji Takehisa, and the people living in Okinawa call it “Ryukyu Tukimisou”. The name is freedom and capricious. The tasteful and humorous aliases are entertaining.

Now, the time for Yanbaru’s Ome to hit the market. I made large ume plums with plum wine and made Crunchy pickled plums with small ume. I have quit the inn I used to run, but I have a room where my friends can stay. There is also space for tents in my yard, and everyone can enjoy a simple camp. Someday, we all want to have fun together, as if we forget about the world.

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