Time to renew

毎日の食事は、ひとの生命にとって、欠かせないものです。 日常饮食对人类生活至关重要。这顿饭是“对人有好处”,“生活”本身。我认为这就是生活和有价值的生活。 你吃的东西会变成你的身体。进餐时的行为,我如何与人一起用餐它是自己的生活方式,创造一个自己的 […]


花筏 Hanaikada

From time to time, I write haiku and tanka by fits and starts.If you try to express your feelings, such as landscapes, timbres, and scenes with just a few words, your imagination will expand. Then, it feels as if the terms have colors and sounds. […]



ひろがりて雲もむらさき花樗- 古賀まり子 In Yanbaru, which is in the early summer, you can see the sendan-flowers falling in the wind. Sendan is called "Afuchi" in the old language, and it is also written in "Manyoshu", the oldest anthology of waka […]